What is JSS Buffalo?

Buffalo Area Junior Solar Sprint Competition

May 14, 2016

Junior Solar Sprint (JSS) is a model solar car building and racing competition for students in 6-8th grade. Parts for the model car can be made from any material with unlimited creativity, except for restrictions on the motor and solar cell, and all rules posted on the web page. For example, the car must be less than 60cm (24 inches) long and no higher or wider than 30cm (12 inches).

 Students are evaluated and can receive awards for several categories; Technical Merit, Craftsmanship and Innovation

IMG_0387 copy IMG_0393 copy Innovation

First, Second and Third place in the races

IMG_0522 copy

Students also get to vote for the Student Choice award


In 2015 there were a total of 15 awards distributed

IMG_0372 copy