Design Process Log

Students are required to submit a Design Process Log. Please bring this log to the judging stations the day of the event or use a sheet like it of your own design. After the student choice voting the sheets will be evaluated by a judge during the races and a trophy will be awarded for the best Design Process Log. It would be best to protect the paper with a plastic report cover and maybe include a printed photo of your car.


 Junior Solar Sprint Design Process Log

  • List your team members:
  • List the name of your car:
  • What date did you start your JSS car design?
  • Draw a sketch of your original design on the back of this paper.
  • What three goals did you try to accomplish with your design?
  • Consider the sum of the forces on the car and the affect of the mass of the car. What changes have you made to your car based on these factors?
  • There are extra points given for using recycled (yet appropriate) materials. Write some of your ideas you have or will consider.
  • What considerations did you make to include the pop can?
  • What was the first date your car moved?
  • What time did it take to go 10 feet?
  • What changes did you make in the design based on this first test?
  • What was the first date your car moved under solar power?
  • Were you pleased with the results?
  • What changes did you make in the design to catch more solar power?
  • How will you control the orientation of the solar panel if the race direction is east or northwest?
  • How will your car handle a strong head wind?
  • How will your car handle a wood floor or a parking lot asphalt surface?